​Jackson Black Pages created the Jackson Black Business Expo to establish a working network between our businesses, the people who run them, and the consumers to encourage our community to recycle its dollars primarily within the Black community first. It is then that we can begin to level the socioeconomic and political playing fields.

#Expo2020 will be open to all Black-owned businesses in the State of Mississippi. Even those businesses with franchises of national or regional chains will be welcomed as long as they operate in the State. Food vendors are welcome.

JBBE Returns to the Jackson Convention Complex

April 11, 2020

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Giving Back

The Economic Flex (eke'namik 'fleks) verb - 1. A community's consistent act of exercising its financial muscle and spending power. 2. Patronizing Black-owned businesses, banks, and media to ensure their economic success and that of the households that support them