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Celebrating Natural Beauty: The 2024 Mississippi Natural Hair Expo

Since its inception in 2015, the Mississippi Natural Hair Expo (MSNHE) has been a beacon of empowerment, education, and inspiration for women embracing their natural hair. Born out of the necessity to address the limited resources for natural hair care in Mississippi, this annual event has evolved into a highly anticipated gathering, drawing hundreds of enthusiastic attendees eager to explore the latest trends in natural hair care, beauty, products, and services.

At MSNHE, they pride themselves on being more than just an expo; it's a community dedicated to celebrating and uplifting the natural hair movement. MSNHE has become a respected voice in Mississippi's natural hair community and beyond, attracting renowned keynote speakers such as Monique Rodriguez of Mielle Organics, cosmetic chemist Sister Scientist, Aisha Ceballos-Crump of Honey Baby Naturals, and beauty influencer Romance Cox (Hey Curlie).

This year's event, scheduled for July 27, 2024, at the Biloxi Civic Center in Biloxi, MS, promises to be the bestone yet. Led by the passionate producer Jennifer McDonald, MSNHE continues to push boundaries and redefine standards in the natural hair industry. Jennifer's unwavering commitment to excellence stems from her deep roots in Mississippi and her extensive experience in the entertainment industry, including her role as associate producer on season one of HGTV's Home Town.

Mississippi Natural Hair Expo Flyer

As they prepare for another unforgettable gathering, Mississippi Black Pages invites all natural hair enthusiasts—whether you're natural, transitioning, considering the journey, or simply supporting a friend—to join us at the Mississippi Natural Hair Expo. Together, let's celebrate self-love, authenticity, and the beauty of embracing our natural selves.

Join us on July 27th and be natural!


For more information and tickets visit: or follow MSNHE on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn at @msnaturalhairexpo.

Photo credit: Mississippi Natural Hair Expo website

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