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Health and Wealth: The Workshop You Know You Needed Like Last Year!

Health and Wealth Workshop at Hemp World South

Are you ready to take charge of your health and wealth? Join Hemp World for an empowering workshop presented by Mississippi Black Pages in collaboration with a Jackson-based business. Titled "Health and Wealth: The Workshop You Know You Needed Like Last Year!", this event promises to be a transformative experience.

Why Attend?

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to neglect our health and financial well-being. This workshop is designed to help you prioritize both aspects of your life. Led by credit consultant and coach, Michelle James Way, this event will provide invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to help you achieve your health and wealth goals.

What to Expect

During the workshop, Michelle James Way will delve into practical tips for improving your credit score, managing debt, and building a solid financial foundation. Additionally, she will share strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition tips, exercise routines, and stress management techniques.

Key Takeaways

Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the link between health and wealth and learn actionable steps to improve both areas of their lives. Whether you're looking to boost your credit score, manage your finances more effectively, or enhance your overall well-being, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed.

Join Us!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself and take meaningful steps towards a healthier and wealthier future. Mark your calendars and reserve your spot today!

Date: Feb. 25, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Hemp World South & Therapeutic Lounge

To register for the workshop, visit or contact Mac Epps at 601-918-4350. Seize the opportunity to transform your life and embark on a journey to health and wealth. We look forward to seeing you there!

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